Weekend Update, 10

My weekend ended up starting a little bit early this week, as I found myself feeling incredibly under the weather Friday morning (thank you ovaries). I stayed at home and was comforted by Logan, the 2 year old Golden Retriever spending the weekend with us. I was able to do a decent amount of stuff … Continue reading Weekend Update, 10


Weekend Update, 9

Another start of the work week means another weekend has passed! It was a weirdly cold weekend in the Bay, but we still managed to spend a good amount of time outside. Now that I'm looking back, I see that we were actually much more active than I had originally anticipated being. There was a … Continue reading Weekend Update, 9

Daily Dose of Di, Vol. 2 Issue 9

Happy National Fettuccine Alfredo Day! I hope you are all doing well and getting through this seemingly never-ending week. In a continuation of my cooking obsession, I made some scallion pancakes last night that were good enough to text home about. My only other highlight so far this week is that @Josh and I have begun our goal of … Continue reading Daily Dose of Di, Vol. 2 Issue 9

Meal Prep Hawaiian Chicken with Roasted Kale and Asparagus

We had a very fun Super Bowl Sunday yesterday - I made three different kind of wings, Josh made some loaded tater tots, and we all cheered on the Eagles. Things turned out great on all three fronts! Fortunately my investment in watching the actual football was quite low - this meant I got to … Continue reading Meal Prep Hawaiian Chicken with Roasted Kale and Asparagus